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The clause which is hard to follow is nonrestrictive in that it does not indicate which text is being complained about; even if the clause were omitted, we would know that the phrase the textbook refers to the text in Chemistry 101.· Some people extend the rule and insist that, just as that should be used only in restrictive clauses, which should be used only in nonrestrictive clauses.Producto del sarampión o de la viruela, muchos murieron en el camino.Usage Note: The standard rule requires that that should be used only to introduce a restrictive (or defining) relative clause, which identifies the entity being talked about; in this use it should never be preceded by a comma.After buying a pre-owned 2008 Honda Accord, he rolled the cost of a ,000 extended warranty into his car loan.“I wanted to ensure the car would not have any major mechanical costs during the finance period,” he says.Thus, in the sentence The house that Jack built has been torn down, the clause that Jack built is a restrictive clause identifying the specific house that was torn down.

Con la venia del Estado chileno, en 1889, once selk’nam -entre ellos un niño de 8 años- fueron llevados a Europa para ser exhibidos y tratados como animales. En nombre de la ciencia y del progreso, los envíos contaban con la autorización del Estado de Chile.

In this case, your car.” Do your research before buying a third-party auto service plan and be sure to read the fine print.

Dean Davis of Chandler, Arizona, says he was duped.

A related rule stipulates that which should be used with nonrestrictive (or nondefining) clauses, which give additional information about an entity that has already been identified in the context; in this use, which is always preceded by a comma.

Thus, we say The students in Chemistry 101 have been complaining about the textbook, which (not that) is hard to follow.