Birthday gift ideas for a guy you just started dating

On the other hand, you don't want too come off skimpy, handing him a VISA gift card after he's just gifted you with the shiniest jewelry you've ever seen.

If your relationship is relatively new, the ideas near the top of our list are gonna be your best bet.As the holidays approach, everyone scrambles to brainstorm the perfect gift for his or her best friend, mom, dad and siblings. Whether you’re hooking up or you just started dating, there are plenty of options to ease your anxieties and help you find the perfect gift!Getting a gift for your hard-to-please brother is one thing, but shopping for someone you’re seeing is a whole other challenge. If your friends-with-benefits relationship is strictly about the benefits, it may be inappropriate to get him or her a Christmas present. If you’ve never gone out before or implied it might go beyond the benefits, you should probably opt out of the gift-giving.And who knows, maybe someday this key ring will have YOUR keys on it too. This gift is great as a hostess present when rolling up to her holiday party. STAK Ceramics Bloom Phone Vase, Orchid (): If she loves her smartphone as much as she loves flowers, this phone vase is perfect.Bonus: It’s a gorgeous decorative piece and she’s going to seriously appreciate your good eye for aesthetics. Finch and Cotter Custom Mixtape Pillow (): So people don’t really make mixtapes anymore, but back in the day, it was the ULTIMATE way to let your crush know you were into them.