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He was a great listener, and most things he had good advice to give on; because he had already been or knew someone that had been through it. He is leaving behind his 2 daughters, Gracie, 9, and Emma, 8. You were so very special, with a heart bigger than most. Nathan, I think you would be very proud and humbled by the outpouring of love and support for us (and consequently you! Family and friends have been incredibly kind, honey. I love you Everett and miss you every minute of everyday!! My son in heaven my angel up above Ireland, Donnie, born 30 January 1989, died 30 November 2015 in Dallas, Texas Our Remembrance Donnie Michael Ireland I miss and love you so much. Love, Mom Connor, Jonny, born 30 December 1991, died 06 August 2015 in Newtownards, Northern Ireland Our Remembrance Loved and missed by so many.

Your beautiful smile, passion, honesty, laughter and love left a lasting impression and touched so many hearts around you. Kelley, Terrence, born , died 21 February 2016 in Loveland, Colorado Our Remembrance Your life was a blessing. My only son, he really was to good for this earth and is sorely missed by me, sisters and friends xxx Lambson, Forrest Dean, born 25 October 1969, died 29 August 2013 in Iowa Our Remembrance Forry was a real special guy.

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However, she's what many would call pathetic or has motives of her own. She gets the fancy house and occasional parties, but in reality she is just a young pretty decoration!Bieber, Michael Robert, born 16 July 1948, died 26 April 2007 in Dallas, Texas USAOur Remembrance Michael, I never dreamed you'd choose to leave. Your smile so large and your dimples so deep and huge, that we all remember. You are dearly missed our lives forever changed with this emptiness. Not a day goes by that that I do not think of her and feel her presence of her love. WE LOVE YOU DADScheving, Larissa Michelle, born 17 October 1991, died 07 December 2011 in Georgia Our Remembrance Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there; I do not sleep. We wish we could have seen the signs sooner to help. You were so full of life with a heart of gold filled with love for everyone and everything. I LOVE & MISS YOU OLD MAN UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN PLEASE WATCH OVER US AND THE KIDS I MISS YOU MY BEST FRIEND PLEASE RIP & SIP FOREVER & ALWAYS, Your Baby Girl Leslie Stanton IV, John Patrick, born 22 December 1987, died in Ohio, United States Our Remembrance This is my precious nephew, John. The world has never been the same place since we lost her. Cardenas, Kevin Charles, born 07 August 1985, died 29 April 2010 in Napa, California, USAOur Remembrance We all miss our goofy, practical, loving boy.Mom Perez, Daniel, born 13 March 1958, died 09 January 2010 in Maine, USAOur Remembrance I love you daddy and may your death not be remembered for how it occurred but lets remember the beautiful person you were. A life taken too early, yet brought everyone closer. Mc Intyre, David Joseph, born 06 June 1996, died 24 April 2012 in Ontario, Canada Our Remembrance My sweet, sweet baby boy; never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would have to bury you. Your death has left many people with such a tremendous heartache. You remain in our hearts and always in our thoughts. When he left this world he left so many people heart broken and wondering why this has happened. There isn\'t a day that goes by that i don\'t think of him and either laugh or cry. Wrath, Christopher, born 01 February 1991, died 03 January 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USAOur Remembrance Christopher is remembered as a loving, devoted and caring son, brother, uncle, nephew and friend.You were my role model, selfless and strong and I am proud to be your daughter. Smedley, Ann Louise, born 28 August 1947, died 08 March 2003 in Connecticut Our Remembrance My Beautiful Mother, I pray everyday that you are in a good place and that you have found the peace that you neglected to have your entire life. Holliday, Steven Taylor, born 07 March 1988, died 16 June 2015 in Alabama Our Remembrance Father, son, brother or best friend, regardless; he will be missed in this lifetime. A huge piece of my heart is now broken...never to be fully mended. I am so, so sorry for the obvious despair you lived daily. I look at photos of you and I think how incredible that I literally gave you life. He will always be in my heart never forgotten and always remembered. I will not forget you Burr until we are reunited in heaven.

Gary allan dating jessica shafer