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DISCLOSE Act, which would have mandated reporting and disclosure for groups making independent expenditures for or against candidates.The bill passed the House in June 2010 but failed by one vote to overcome a unanimous Republican filibuster in the Senate.It’s expected to take five to seven years to design and build.A similar project is already underway stretching north from Montgomery St. The city plans to put out a bid next month for design and engineering firms to come up with specific flood protection measures, but Zarrilli said officials will look for plans that raise elevation levels along the coast and add features like parkland to make the massive project more neighborhood-friendly.

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When President Trump announced his hotline for victims of immigration crimes to a joint session of Congress, he got loud boos and groans from the assembled elected officials, worried about painting immigrants broadly as violent criminals.

The river was not forecast to fall below its previous record height (set in 1983) until Wednesday.

At least nine people have died in flooding in Louisiana that began last Friday, with at least 20,000 people rescued from flooded homes and vehicles; 10,000 people are in shelters due to the disaster.

The storm system carried near-record amounts of atmospheric moisture, drawn from the Gulf of Mexico and northwest Atlantic, where sea-surface temperatures (SSTs) were at near-record levels.

SSTs over the northern Gulf of Mexico have since cooled, due to the week-long period of cloud cover and strong winds from the storm. MODIS visible satellite image of 98L, located about 500 miles west-southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands, taken on Tuesday morning, August 16, 2016.