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They're not doing anything I haven't been doing for the last 20 years. In the beginning, yeah, but now we understand things and we wouldn't change anything. If it's smaller and you don't have to walk four steps to get to the Faygo, then you end up throwing way more. Turns out he was crying because he wanted to come out onstage before the end of the show, [] and his mom wouldn't let him. Do people ever come up to you and say, "Man, you look just like the dude from Insane Clown Posse"? There's not too many 350-pound clowns lookin' like me out there.

The exciting thing is they're being revered for doing what we do, you know what I mean? When you're on the radio, you have to come off the radio. How much Faygo do you guys spray on the audience at a show? But if you're in a big amphitheater, you tend to throw way less.

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" -GTA 5 "Come insde with free breadsticks and we're gonna give ya'll a ride with ya momma." Gmod Hide and Seek "Stormpooper where are you, I need my booty cleaned, I want to rub your face right in my a**! " -GTA 5 "I didn't know owls could fly." Gmod Hide and Seek "Haubin Garlage." -GTA 5 "I've got the biggest taint!As people pair off to form couple's costumes, Halloween kicks off this series of seasonal reminders that you're flying solo.The bright side is that being single gives you the freedom to wear anything awesome you want, while some duos can appear forced, misguided or silly at times.Halloween is all about having fun and not throwing shade, whether you're in a relationship or not.The following costumes are totally fine if that's your thing -- but if not, they also won't leave you feeling forever alone.