Mos def dating

An eighth-grade dropout, she became a teenaged stripper who derived her identity and sense of self from her relationships with men.

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Whispers of their rumored romance have been on the rise since the DOPE star posted a picture with Yasiin with the caption, "#bae." It didn't take long before that three-letter word had everyone questioning their relationship status.

He stood about 5’9”, was light-skinned with these real dreamy eyes… The charismatic rapper-actor decides, for reasons that remain a mystery, that in spite of his devout Muslim beliefs and the inconvenient fact that he may technically still be married to another woman, that he must have this eighth-grade dropout, ex-stripper, and full-time groupie/hustler for his wife, despite knowing her only a matter of days.

the kind of eyes that would make you soaking wet just by their focus on you. The Mos Def of Breaking The Code Of Silence is intense, dramatic, romantic, and enigmatic, the kind of guy who spends an evening staring at his smartphone, but only so that he can hire a skywriter to proclaim his love for his new wife in the wee small hours of the morning.

She lost her virginity to a neighborhood drug dealer who morphs from the man of her dreams to an abusive nightmare over the course of several pages.

This establishes a pattern: Wyatt-Smith falls madly in love with a man she’s convinced will be her eternal salvation and save her from herself, only to watch the relationship fizzle out a few paragraphs later.