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For today’s post, I wanted to look at some of the most successful and profitable blogs that are currently online.For many people that are just starting blogging, it is hard to know how much you can potentially earn.In the initial stages of setting up a blog, it can be tough to keep motivated to keep going when you’re not making much money, but given time and lots of effort a blog can take off in a big way.The best examples that you can look at are the blogs that are at the top.Finally, once I had my list of individual bloggers, I ranked them using a variety of factors.These factors include: The ranking number in the list below is a compilation of these ranking signals. Some of the blogs I inspected are listed below the list of the 100 Top Christians blogs. The list contains many Christian bloggers who write from theological perspectives with which I have some disagreement. (Let’s see who I can offend…) Calvinists, Charismatics, Conservative Baptists, and Catholics, just to name a few. )Below is an explanation of how I went about ranking these 100 Top Christian Blogs.I will update this list occasionally, so if you want your blog to be considered for future ranking, and your blog is not listed below the list of 100 Top Christian blogs, please include a link to your blog in the comment section. Remember, I, Jeremy Myers, am the ONLY correct blogger in the world. )Anyway, if someone is on the list of Top Christian blogs and you think they are a heretic, don’t burn me for it! First, I gathered the list of Christian blogs using these sites: Second, I removed all “Community Blogs” which had multiple authors.

And it also has expanded to many recipes from other Asian cuisines.

If you are interested in Chinese cooking and would like to learn to cook Chinese dishes. Those great food blogs not only give you detailed cooking steps but also offer some food knowledge and interesting things during the cooking.

Here I highlight the top 5 Chinese food blogs ever for Chinese cooking lovers. Appetiteforchina is run by Diana Kuan, a New York-based writer and cooking teacher.

Married for over a decade, Ryan and Selena first started their blog to help them process through marriage’s trials as well as celebrate its joys. Christ is the center of their marriage, and their editorial/journalistic writing style makes their work fun to read. and they stress that there’s no quick fix to marital issues.

They love to write about timeless truths about love, family, and marriage . You can read much more at Fierce – they even have special sections just for men and just for women! Jennifer Smith is, and she started her personal blog to share with other wives the struggles and the healing she encountered in her first few years of marriage. To create an atmosphere where women feel safe to share their marriage experiences, find encouragement, and affirm each other.